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Christianity and War: Home

Ethics and War, Crusades, Holy War

How to Use This Guide

This guide was created to support the course "Christianity and War," a two hour elective on the interaction between the Christian Faith and War. The course is taught by Michael Farrell who serves as the Library Director at the Orlando campus of Reformed Theological Seminary. On this home page you will find links to various databases that will help you find resources on the ethics of war, religious wars in history, and the theme of war in the Bible. There are also tabs for each of the main ethical categories: Just War Theory, Cosmopolitanism, Crusades, Holy War, Realism, and International Law. By clicking on these tabs you will find description of these ethical traditions as well as a few books specific to that topic which will help you get started on your research. If you have questions about researching this topic or any other topic please contact Michael Farrell. He would also love to hear any comments you have on this guide.

Where to Find More Resources

The links below will take you to various databases available to use as an RTS student. Use these databases to find books, articles, essays and other resources you can use for your research. If you need help using a database, contact your librarian.

Ethical Traditions

Carl von Clausewitz


Conquest of Jerusalem


Conquest of Jericho

Holy War

International Criminal Court

International Law

Thomas Aquinas

Just War Theory

UN Peacekeepers


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Required Textbook

Subject Headings for the Ethics of War

Subject Headings are useful to use when searching a library’s catalog. They are like hashtags you might use on social media. Librarians tag books with subject headings so that items on a given subject can be grouped together even if they might be found in different places in the library. These are a few of the subject headings you may wish to search as you are doing your research on the ethics of war. This list is by no means exhaustive. Consult Michael Farrell for other tips on searching the catalog.

War and Morals

War, Moral and Ethical aspects

Conscientious objection

Just war doctrine

War and religion

Christianity and war

War and Islam


War and Judaism

War and society

International Law

Crusades (by crusade)