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The Hybrid Guide: Help Me Get Books From Other Libraries

This guide provides instruction for RTS Orlando students enrolled in the hybrid MDiv program.


There are several ways to get resources not found in the RTS Library. These options are described for you below. Since you will not be on campus very often, you will often need to find alternatives to checking books out of our library.

ATLA Reciprocal Borrowing Program

RTS Orlando is part of the ATLA reciprocal borrowing program. This means that you can check books out from any participating library. There are around 100 libraries around the United States and Canada that participate in this program. To find a list of participating libraries click on the "Participating libraries" link in this box. You will be required show proof of current RTS enrollment such as a recently paid tuition bill or student id card and will need to follow all the rules of the lending library.

Local Libraies

If you live close to a college or university, you should inquire about what kind of library privileges they offer to the general public. You may be able to purchase a library card or even get free borrowing privileges.  You will also want to check out your local public library. They may not have many theology books, but they may offer a robust inter-library loan program that allows you to check out books from libraries around the country. In addition, your local public or university library may subscribe to databases that the RTS libraries do not have.

RTS Interlibrary Loan

While, we cannot mail books to you, we can scan material and email it to you. If you find a book on the RTS catalog, worldcat, amazon, google books, or some other source, you can request a chapter or two from it by emailing Just include the Title, Author, and Chapter that you need as well as the page range if you have it. Because of copyright law, there is a limit as to how much of a book I can request or scan for you. However, there is no limit to the number of books you can request a portion from. You can also request journal articles in this way. Email me if you have questions about this service.