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The Hybrid Guide: Help Me Get Books from RTS

This guide provides instruction for RTS Orlando students enrolled in the hybrid MDiv program.

The RTS Catalog

To find books that are owned by RTS go to our library catalog located at or click on the link below this box.

you should see a page like this

You will notice that "All Libraries" is highlighted. Leave this highlighted as you are not limited merely to the books that owned by the Orlando campus. We can ask other RTS libraries to scan portions of books and email them to you.

Let's pretend that I am doing a paper on just war theory. So i type in "just war theory" in this search box. You will notice that i only get 9 returns, which is not a lot.

There are two important ways to modify your search results and you probably use them all the time yourself when you "google" something. First, you can play around with your search terms. Perhaps you can drop a word from your search term or use a different word. You might try something like "just war tradition" or "just war" or "ethics of war" or even a related term like pacifism. The second trick is to change what it is that you are searching. You will notice on the first screen shot that the catalog defaulted to searching by title. If you would like to expand your search to books that may be about "just war theory," but not have that phrase in the title, just highlight "keywords" in the "find" box. You  will notice by dropping the word "theory" and changing my search field from title to keyword i expand my results up to 157 titles. That is much better.

Once you have found a book on our catalog, you have a couple of options. If you are on campus for a class you can check the book out. If you need help finding a book and checking it out, just ask one of our desk workers. Consult the hybrid policy manual on the home page of this guide for information about check out time periods and renewals. You can take books you have checked out home with you and then mail them back to us at

RTS Library

1231 Reformation Drive

Oviedo, FL 32765

Please make sure that books are securely packaged and ship with a traceable method.

If you are away from campus you can request that portions of books be scanned and emailed to you. Please note, that we can only scan a chapter or two from any given book for you because of copyright law. Just send an email to Lisa Oharek at and let her know what you need.

RTS Lending Policy

A Few Words About Finding Commentaries