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Systematic Theology Resources: Scripture, Theology Proper, and Anthropology

This guide is designed to help RTS students discovery library resources to help them complete assigned coursework in their systematic theology courses.

Subject Headings and Shelf Browsing

The Doctrine of Scripture is treated as a subheading under the Doctrine of God in LC classification. Browse the BT 125 to BT 128 and BT 180.W67 sections. Material can also be found in BT 89. Material on Inspiration, authority, and inerrancy can be found at BS 480. Material on historical criticism of the Bible is found under BS 533, BS 1180 (Old Testament), and BS 2375 (New Testament).

The Doctrine of God or Theology Proper is found from BT 98 to BT 180. Additional material on the Trinity can be found in BL 474. Anti-Trinitarian material can be found in BT 1350, BT 1474, BT 1480, and BX 9801. The Holy Spirit is also found under the doctrine of God (BT 117ff) with additional material found under BS 680.H56. For more specific browsing information Open the .PDF document below.

The Doctrine of Man which would include the Doctrine of Sin is treated as a subheading of the Doctrine of Creation and can be browsed from BT 700-743. For a more detailed treatment as well as other areas of the library to browse open the .PDF below.


The Holy Spirit

Theology Proper (see also resources in "The Trinity" under "electives" tab