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Systematic Theology Resources: Ecclesiology and Sacraments

This guide is designed to help RTS students discovery library resources to help them complete assigned coursework in their systematic theology courses.

Shelf Browsing Guide

Most of the material covering the doctrines of the Church and Sacraments is found in the BV section of the library. For the Church look at BV 595-779. For the Sacraments in General look at BV 779-800. For Baptism look at BV 800-813.5. For the Lord’s Supper look at BV 820-828. You may also want to browse in the denominations section of the library (BX) which covers the doctrinal views of the major denominations.  For help navigating the BX section of the library, consult with a librarian. For a further breakdown of the BV sections mentioned above, open up the document below. This document will also give you other call number ranges to explore (for instance if you want to research Paul’s view of the church.) If you have trouble understanding this document, please ask a librarian.



Q. What is a sacrament?
A. A sacrament is an holy ordinance instituted by Christ; wherein, by sensible signs, Christ, and the benefits of the new covenant, are represented, sealed, and applied to believers.

The Lord's Supper

Q. What is the Lord's supper?
A. The Lord's supper is a sacrament, wherein, by giving and receiving bread and wine according to Christ's appointment, his death is showed forth; and the worthy receivers are, not after a corporal and carnal manner, but by faith, made partakers of his body and blood, with all his benefits, to their spiritual nourishment and growth in grace.


Q. What is baptism?
A. Baptism is a sacrament, wherein the washing with water in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, doth signify and seal our ingrafting into Christ, and partaking of the benefits of the covenant of grace, and our engagement to be the Lord's.