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ATLA Journals Database - user guide: Logging in & Saving Research

How to make the most of the ATLA/ATLAS for your research and writing.

Logging into ATLA/ATLAS database (via EBSCO)

To connect when you are not using an RTS wireless/wired network (ie, off-campus):


  1. Go to and click on 'Research Tools'.
  2. Click on "ATLA Periodical Index + ATLAS full text Journals".
  3. At the login prompt, you will use the same login as you do for the "Self Service" student registration program. (If you do not remember your login, contact your campus REGISTRAR - *not* the Library, as we do not know your login).
  4. Once it connects you to the EBSCO login screen, click on "ATLA Religion Database with ATLA Serials".  (Don't try to select multiple databases!  It will actually make your searching harder, not easier.)
  5. You may go ahead and search at this point, BUT YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SAVE INFORMATION BETWEEN SESSIONS.  If you wish to do so, follow the instructions below.


To create your own personal (secondary) login, click on the "Sign In" link up top.

At the next screen, you need to click on "Create a new Account".  

This will allow you to create a secondary account within ATLA (EBSCO) so you can save research between sessions.


You will be taken to a blank form so you can fill in and create your new account.  

For the username and password, we recommend you use something DIFFERENT FROM YOUR SELF-SERVICE LOGIN for security purposes.

Once you have filled in the information above, click on "Save Changes".  You now have a secondary personal account!


From now on, when you connect to search ATLA/ATLAS, you need to login TWICE, or you will not be able to save new information or find previously saved information.

  1. Login with your 'front door' login (same as Self-Service).
  2. Then use the link in the upper right for your 'secondary' login.