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ATLA Journals Database - user guide: Generating Turabian bibliographic citations

How to make the most of the ATLA/ATLAS for your research and writing.

Generating and exporting Turabian bibliographic citations

Generating and exporting Turabian bibliographic citations from your ATLA folders

There are multiple ways to accomplish getting your citations from ATLA/ATLAS into Turabian format (or other formats).

***Before you proceed in this guide however, be sure you first read the tabs “Logging in & Saving Research”   and  “Creating & Using Folders”.   Once you know how to use the folders to save research, then you can generate the citation information you need.

From the search results screen, you will see your folder(s) on the right side of the screen.

Click on “Go to Folder View”

If you have created your own folders, they will all be listed on the left side of the screen.  In this example,  we’ll just proceed with one main folder.

The first step is to select which records for which you want to generate citations.  You can select all of them with the “select all” checkbox, or you can select individual titles as desired with the checkboxes next to each title.   For this example, all have been selected.

Next, look on the right side of the screen and select the icon for “Save as File”  (for those of you under 30, the image is a floppy disk…Google it!).

At the next screen, do NOT select the box that says “Remove these items from folder after saving,” or all of your citations will be erased.  You can delete things later, but this is not the way you want to do it!

Look over on the right, and select “Citation Format” and then from the drop down menu, “Chicago/Turabian humanities.”   Then  click on the “Save” button on the left.

You will then see a screen like this:

What you now have are bibliographic citations which you can cut and paste into your Bibliography.

The part of the record which starts with, “ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials….” can be deleted, as it is unnecessary.

So what you end up pasting would be this (minus the bullet points):

  • Gibson, David. "'Fathers of Faith, My Fathers Now!': On Abraham, Covenant, and the Theology of Paedobaptism." Themelios 40, no. 1 (April 2015): 14-34. 
  • Luther, Martin. "Infant baptism and faith that is not one's own." Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly 111, no. 1 (2014 2014): 32-43. 
  • Locatell, Christian. "Jeremiah 31:34, new covenant membership, and baptism." Scriptura 114, (2015 2015): 
  • Paas, Stefan, and Hans Schaeffer. "Reconstructing Reformed identity: experiences from church planting in the Netherlands." Journal Of Reformed Theology 8, no. 4 (2014 2014): 382-407. 
  • House, ReneĢe, et al. "The Lord's Supper as Welcoming Sacrament?: Reversing the Sequence of the Sacraments." Perspectives 31, no. 6 (November 2016): 6-11. 

Obviously, you will need to rearrange them in alphabetical order, but at least you have all the information there which you need.

You may also need to edit other parts of the citations - the process is not flawless (cf. a couple of the citations above have redundant dates and one is missing page numbers).  If you fail to proofread, the fault will be yours.  But this is a way to save some time in creating your Bibliography entries.